List of products and services I recommend

This is my current list. If you arrived to this page directly and don't know what this is about, please read the introduction on my home page.

Helen Racz

You can contact Helen thru her personal web site and also get information on classes, workshops, products, services and sign up for Helen's monthly newsletter.

For information on EFT/Tapping, along with workshops and live webstreaming link for Thursday night tapping.

EFT web site by Gary Craig

Coming out of retirement, check out EFT's founder on his (new as of June 2012) website he created with his daughter. You can purchase his learning videos and sign up for his newsletters.

Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases. It applies to just about every emotional, health and performance issue you can name, and it often works where nothing else will.

Vibes UP* came to me as an answer to a prayer -- I wanted something to give friends and clients to help them keep their vibration higher during challenging times when they couldn't connect to me or anyone else to support them.

I've ordered many products from Vibes UP* and enjoy them all! Great gifts, and I've just fallen in love with all the goodies available. I spoke with the founder and owner Kaitlyn Keyt and was very impressed with her vision and integrity.

The bracelets were so intense at first I could only wear one at a time. Now I wear quite a few daily. The Divine Soles have really helped me be more grounded, and I love them! Those that can feel energy can feel quite a bit from my soles and bracelets, so I know they continue to hold their higher vibrations even as I've had them a long time. For those of you who can't feel energy yet, you can muscle test to see how they affect you.

Chakra Boosters. A good friend told me about this powerful, (safe, temporary) tattoos to support our chakras. I have found them so powerful and supportive that I bought many as gifts for friends!

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

This is a six CD set that comes with a ton of bonuses and a guarantee I truly enjoy! Dr Robert Anthony has you utilize his teaching to manifest back what you paid for the program. (Yes, it worked for me in a BIG way! It was so much fun and such a great marketing tool, I became an affiliate to spread this word of this product.) I believe hearing the truth from many teachers helps us integrate the information. This set is one of my favorites, I’ve listened to it numerous times. I believe for anyone seeking to get a deeper understanding of LOA, this is a good choice and fabulous value. Read the sales page, and you’ll see why I bought it.